MODDHA is uniting the orphans and widows together to thrive in Community. The widows who may not ever consider adopting, have the wonderful opportunity to spend time within the community environment, to pour their love and wisdom into a child. This brings new purpose in their lives, without overburdening them, while the young ones bring their joy, love and laughter to the elders, transforming their solitary life to one of a loving community.

MODDHA communities also welcome single mothers and their children, providing them a safe living environment in an extended family, with organic food, health care, clean water, education and childcare. Priority is given first to the widows and orphans, both domestically and internationally.

MODDHA Villages – Thriving Eco-Communities for Widows and Orphans

MODDHA Villages are Eco-Communities fully equipped with proprietary technologies, delivering a ‘wholistic’ solution for every basic human need. Each MODDHA Village features a House of Celebration, a Center for the Arts, Commerce and Edutainment, a MODDHA Sports Complex, and a Health & Wellness Center.

Living accommodations are provided as Dome-Homes powered by alternative energy with full communications, organic sustenance and clean water, to create a supportive loving environment. The Dome-Homes are buildings, according to the U.S. Green Building Council, that save energy, water and materials; preserve the local surroundings; assure the health of their occupants; and require little maintenance. They are said to be the most disaster-resistant structure.

The House of Celebration is a place of music, praise and dance. It has a small radio broadcasting facility, musical instruments, plus recording equipment, to share the celebration with the surrounding areas. It is also a place for the community to gather in prayer and meditation.

The Center for the Arts, Commerce and Edutainment has materials and equipment for the movement arts, the cultural arts, pottery, jewelry making, basket weaving, and other local arts and crafts. It provides a central communication hub for the children to learn through the Diamond G.A.T.E. and Q-WISE -Education platform based in the cultural arts and sciences. It also has a marketplace for selling or trading its goods with the neighboring villages.