Diamond G.A.T.E. – “Global Arts Treasury for Education”

MODDHA is connecting people from all cultures, through the Diamond GATE, to ignite harmony amongst the children of our planet through sharing; art, music, dance, and knowledge.

The Diamond GATE is a 3D audio visual archive of Earth’s cultural arts and sciences. MODDHA connects the children of the world through the Diamond GATE portal, to share their culture, and enables them to see one another live and perform their dances and sing their songs to one another.

The Diamond GATE is part of MODDHA’s Q-WISE (Worldwide Interactive Student Education)- a 3D audio-visual STEAM curriculum being offered as Educational Media Content and Interactive Educational Games.

Q-WISE stimulates creativity, cooperation, and problem solving, while instilling compassion, social responsibility, planet stewardship and respect for elders, embracing all people as one family.