About Us

In Unison:
A Place for Innovation and Inspiration for Everyone

In Unison is all about people, education, and job training aimed at empowering our citizenry to move their communities toward more peaceful living conditions in more sustainable environments.  By leveraging their own resources and networking with their local governments they complete community projects and develop leadership skills in a “learn-by-doing” process.

In Unison provides gathering spaced for people wanting to learn, connect, collaborate, and create opportunities for themselves and their neighborhood. In partnership with UCLA Extension, the Los Angeles Community College District, California State University Northridge, and the City of Los Angeles, local residents host events such as classes, workshops, concerts, and community celebrations.

Community Based Education:

We connect community-based education (hands-on projects and learning) with traditional educational institutions to close the gap and open opportunities for all people. Participants bring their ideas for improving their neighborhoods and are mentored, supported, trained, and connected to funding for making those ideas into a sustainable reality.